YOUR H represents the innevitable result of years of specialized experience.
By offering an advantageous subscription, which includes the access to a specialized Web Service composed by credible and well accepted automated alternatives as well as more personalized Hard-Working Solutions, being an UPGRADED MEMBER of Our NETWORK of SYSTEMS can only leverage Your Business into a brand new level - Just by providing EVEN MORE shortcuts, walkthrough paths and related Business Marketing oriented formation...

... Notice, always by considering any of the benefits derived from the capacity of working online directly from the comfort of Your Home or even Office place.


Well organized by distinct TRAFFIC & MARKETING SYSTEMS that, independently of any other advantage, allows You to benefit from promoting Your Own Business Campaigns, YOUR H provides a complete package no matter for LEARNING Marketing and Self-Branding activity, for IMPLEMENTING or IMPROVING Your Own Home Based Business or just to 'enrich' Your digital collection with VALUABLE DIGITAL ASSETS.

Possible by an UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE 'rolling-action' that simply interconnects all Partners, OR2 developed an enjoyable mean that simply mixes BUSINESS and ENTERTAINMENT into the so called GAMIFICATION context.

But, lets know what systems are integral part of Our solutions:

TE Masters

Home of the Gold-Rush

Represented by a group of Online Promoters which provides a rather different and very interesting way of generating traffic for any web site, TE MASTERS is well based on Viral Marketing methodologies, yet, mostly known by wisely using GAMIFICATION techniques (strictly elaborated for Business Purposes) to interconnect 21+ Systems from OR2's Hits Network.

No matter if you just want to benefit from TE MASTERS conjoined efforts to promote Your own commercial campaigns or if you are just a Home Based Business Owner that seek new or better alternative ways for promoting Your Own Online Business, this enhanced system allows You to simply EXPAND the possibilities of REACHING a considerably higher number of viewers just by promoting Your links all over OR2's Hits Network and related Partner Systems.



VM HITS symbolizes an innovative approach into the so called Viral Industry...
After all, it's much more than a simple Traffic System... As a fact, in conformity with Viral Marketing's principles but by non-orthodox techniques, putting together the 'rolling action' power of a well known and widely accepted Hits Exchange script with a vast and innovative MULTIMEDIA RESOURCE SYSTEM with the objective of effectively align any eventual misguided Newbie (or even 'Marketer') in relation to the related Marketing standards and Commercial definitions, can only result on something realistically different.

Therefore, contributing for the improvement of the worldwide VIRAL MARKETING COMMUNITY, VMH intents to provide a complete knowledgebase that, gathered along years of professional experience 'within' the Viral Market's sphere, might well elucidate and, if not instruct, incentive the application of better techniques, methodologies and strategy which, considered best practices, must be properly adapted when facing a global market mainly composed by Viral Marketing activity,
i.e., also comprehending Social Online level
 (vulgar Social Media).



Elected as the Official OR2's Distributor, MERKATOR represents a simple and very intuitive resource system which might well introduce You to the most known and widely used AFFILIATION MARKETING SYSTEMS, helping You to Spare considerable Time in behalf of Your daily Online Business activity.

As an authentique
Trading System, MERKATOR was inspired on Commerce's Own Foundations, offering distinctive Promotional Tools based on well accepted
Logistical and Distribution Networks.
By this reasoning,
besides avoiding to waste hundreds or even thousands of hours on searching for the Righteous and Top-Notch Commercial Opportunities, You can also increase Your Potential for achieving more Profit and to inevitably improve Your Own Business recognition.

Furthermore, as an Upgraded Member,
also allows You to create Your very Own DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD.


CUSTOM HOUSE TRAFFIC it's a truly unique Marketing System which simplifies the process of UPDATING Your Own BLOG or WEBSITE with new or better contents and everything without the need of stopping the promotion of Your Own Campaigns.

With an innovative, enjoyable and well recommended 'Rolling-Action', You can easily grab valuable contents on the most diverse Niches in way of enriching Your Blog or Website with alluring, well written and very interesting information...
Of course, with advantageous benefits for all UPGRADED MEMBERS, any content is more or less valuable in proportion to each related membership.

Together with EVH and FLT (see below), CUSTOM HOUSE TRAFFIC suits as a proper 'bridge' that simply interconnects the vast Viral Market Community to the so essential Social Online level.


On the cutting edge of modern Marketing Systems, FRONT-LINE TRAFFIC brings You the power of a well known and widely used script that, together with some strategic multimedia features and enhanced resources created exclusively by OR2 Web Productions, provides a distinctly liable source for BLOGGERS, CURATORS and KNOWLEDGE WORKERS.

The truth is there are probably many things that you look when deciding to promote Your Own BLOG... From a well proven and functional system which doesn't provide much arguments for requesting Our friendly customer support to a fast and effective web service and to the major advantage of earning quality advertising for your web site, using FRONT-LINE TRAFFIC on a daily basis can only leverage Your online activity to a brand new level.

Plus, exclusively produced for promoting BLOGS, besides allowing you to earn both traffic and cash from your promotional efforts, FRONT-LINE TRAFFIC reveals the secret where such Traditional Technology can finally meet any related innovative and modern approach.

Exchange Video Hits represents an obvious and innevitable turn over on our actual technological panorama...

Powered by very effective affiliate marketing features and, together with several enhanced features created by OR2 web productions, it was simply re-invented not only the way of seeing ONLINE VIDEOS but also, as the result of well recommended best practices, the traditional mean at your disposal. Allowing to Earn serious money in the process.

On this way, the simplicity, effectiveness and joy of using a rather unique Navigation System to browse Videos while leveraging any commercial marketing campaign, becomes literaly evident.

Includes a carefully elaborated
STEP-by-STEP process that invites You to create and promote Your very own VIDEO SPLASH PAGES... By a truly intuitive and simple, yet, innovative splash editor, Exchange Video Hits allows all members to pick videos directly from the three major broadcasting web services available and monetize the related promotion by using custom affiliate links.

Specially 'Architected' for web browsing purposes, the NAVIGATOR HITS suits to introduce OR2's NAVIGATION SYSTEM to all Viral Community.

With a fast, simplified and rather intuitive Navigation Console, any Member can be delighted while viewing all available websites, opportunities, promotions and special campaigns.

NAVIGATOR HITS is distinguished by a very interesting 'rolling action' (similar to the action of sailing) which provides a proper path to grab valuable 'treasures', cash and EXTRA Educational contents that, on a eBook or Video format, brings to Upgraded Members one of the major advantages of this kind of systems. Allowing to learn while comfortably enjoying other members websites and related online proposals.



GuildXchange represents another OR2's marketing system dedicated to affiliate marketing and related commercialization of online products... For eCommerce.

Trying to bring some sanity to Viral Spheres, GuildXchange allows You to
 BID-a-LINK in way of being possible to provide a liable and useful source of UNIQUE business proposals.
Besides all, it's on GuildXchange that one can find "LETTERS of CREDIT" and, with it, transfer valuable earnings to other OR2's Partner Systems in way of being wisely used to acquire products and services just by using the related Cash Balance account.

Furthermore, by providing the precious Gold-Rush's Golden-Nuggets to external systems like SOTUK Traffic, Fabulous TE and Traffic PI, GuildXchange represents an authentique intersection mean where becomes possible to interconnect rather distinct Marketing Networks.

Sprinkler Hits

By this very interesting system, even FREE Members are allowed to pick one of both Worlds in way of climbing any related levels.
In each layer, besides the possibility of increasing several navigational privileges, related promotional benefits, cashout earnings and commissions, expect to gain gradual access to valuable EDUCATIONAL CONTENTS based on each World's symbolical context.

Nevertheless, similar to almost all OR2's Systems,
as an upgraded member, SPRINKLER HITS will leverage any provided advantage right into the navigational zone, allowing to enjoy even more each training session while seeing all other available websites & opportunities. Innevitably, without stopping your very own promotion.

On this way, based on a SELFBRANDING approach, members should find plenty of motives for being entertained while learning or improving the related skills and know-how.

Traffic Mining

TRAFFIC MINING, like the name so well introduce, not only intends to suit as a major referrence on OR2's Gold-Rush GAMIFICATION environment but also fully dedicated to DATA MINING, Online Statistics and related Analytics.

So, all members should be ready for mastering the essentials (or even more) of well coordinating the related online business activity always in conformity with the data collected as the result of any inherent Marketing efforts.

Everything while comfortably benefiting from all advantages provided by OR2's enhanced NAVIGATION CONSOLE that, while accessing relevant thematic contents and educational lessons, allows to be aware of any new marketing tool or related business opportunity.

As an example, TRAFFIC MINING provides the access to a useful ROTATOR with LINK TRACKING, what can be widely and professionally used (specially by upgraded Members) in behalf of the related online marketing activity.

GIG Hits Exchange

Strictly 'architected' for the exhibition of Professional and Artistic PORTFOLIOS, GIG HITS Exchange takes full advantage of OR2 exclusive productions just to bring the simplicity of navigating between highly recommended websites and notorious digital masterpieces.

While enjoying from this unique experience, obviously in serious benefit of upgraded members, it will be also displayed relevant contents that, on a ebook or video format, try to better elucidate how one can build a modern website based on modern and enhanced technological features.

From interesting technical know-how related with digital layouts, desktop publishing and graphic engineering to well recomended best-practices, GIG HITS allows to interchange opinions, techniques and methodologies through an authentic DIGITAL PASSERELLE, full of enigmatic fashionable concepts and inspirational alternatives.

Based on OR2 vast experience on the field, supported by OR2 LEARNING STREAMS and after being tested for some years now, it's finally available a rather distinctive way of rejoicing with music & video...

With a truly innovative business approach, OR2.LIVE allows to EARN MONEY just by listening Music !!!

Besides providing a 'state-of-the-art' access to the best music of all times, with TOP and GOLD HITS, enriched by Cinematic and Epic Compositions and as a liable source of Psychedelic styles like GOA Trance, Full-On and Psy Dark, everyone can benefit from uncountable MULTIMEDIA SCENARIOS that, similar to useful screensavers, allows to instantly toggle between OR2.LIVE broadcasting platform and Your flat screen... Or even Your Home TV set.

Therefore, preparing the way for the so expected 3D and VIRTUAL REALITY revolution, OR2.LIVE is setting the pace of this already far advanced platform to remain compliant for the use of proper glasses, helmets or even for what we are still imagining.

Promising to be aside of our most recent technological achievements while still providing full access to hundreds of truly fantastic video loops and so many more unique media productions.

HighLight Hits News ADgency

As another truly innovative system, HIGHLIGHT HITS News ADgency was specially implemented for all kinds of online professionals that, busy with so many things and daily tasks to perform, have serious difficulties on checking our World News. Eventually, justifying the motive which might well contribute for the related social exclusion.

But, not anymore...
HIGHLIGHT HITS News ADgency brings You the news everyday, on a complete automated manner and without the hassle or need of accessing several distinct news websites and agencies through each one's own web address.

As an authentique Online Browser based on the cloud, just by taking advantage of OR2's Navigation System, it's simply provided a more effective and practical mean of consulting the most relevant informative sources available on Internet.
Plus, from all corners of our Planet.

In between, expect to leverage even more your own marketing power by gaining extra promotion on other OR2's Partner Systems in conformity with your online activity on H2 News ADgency...
As a modern but very traditional daily habit.

Succinctly, each Member must select one or more Marketing Systems from the list of available alternatives (i.e., not yet being used) in way of being elected to contribute with HITS on our common CO-OP system.

As an obvious result, all members will GAIN by the related marketing expansion which, without much repetitive promotions on the same marketing systems, will obviously increase the probability of achieving an higher number of UNIQUE VISITORS.

EXPANDING each Marketing Campaign by the obious result of all related conjoined efforts.
Being equal for all contributors.

For each YOUR H package,
 CO-OP TAVERN will also offer
the following:

500 CREDITS every month
1:1 Pageviews RATIO

OR2's Gold-Rush

Also part of the privileges of YOUR H Membership, the following OR2's systems
are major responsible for delivering all extra contents that, while still allowing
to benefit from EXTRA PROMOTION in conformity with each related activity,
takes major benefit of our scripts & advanced features in way of simplifying
the process of achieving an useful NAVIGATION between all available packages...

eBook Library
A complete eLibrary where is possible to easily navigate between hundreds of eBooks.
At long term is expected to turn available for browsing thousands of electronic contents.

Tool Exchanger
On a similar approach, this system simplify the access to dozens and dozens
of software utilities, add-ons and plug-ins while comfortably showing
the most known and important web applications available to use from Internet.

No matter what is your begginer's difficulty, you can find on BY.TE all essential
technical information in way of better understanding HTML, CSS, cPANEL
and all other major requirements to better dominate web hosting & development.

Quest Echanger
Inspired on famous, discovering and strategic board games, QuestXchanger suits
as a very instructive online resource wich mixes fun, entertainment
and online adventure on the search for unknown digital contents.

Perhaps the only OR2's System that is not business oriented, CYCLOPEDIA
allows to benefit from the already explained Navigation system to simply
browse well recommended Wikipedia pages and related contents.

StartUp Hits
As the name so well suggests, it's precisely by this system that any
Entrepreneur must start. Being provided all relevant directions
in way of legalizing the related business activity as well as to get
access to so desired funds and specialized assistance.


represents a complete SOLUTION for any kind of Online Business activity since, revealed as vital for the related success, provides a complete set of relevant 'tools', resources and means in way of better implementing a proper MARKETING STRATEGY...
Ready to assist You on ALL KINDS of NICHES.

For this purpose, YOUR H is mainly distributed by a couple of alternative packages.

To better suit Your needs, no matter if only interested on learning while comfortably promoting Your Own Marketing Campaigns, even if interested on knowing how to start and implement Your Own Online Business or as a Professional Marketer that constantly seeks for new and better commercial opportunities, by being an YOUR H Member, You can simply relax on how to get access to what You really need.
After all, one cannot search for what one does not know.

For this purpose, instead of searching for it, all required information will easily come to You.

By opting for any available YOUR H Membership, You'll have a simplified gradual access to hundreds, if not thousands of VALUABLE Marketing resources, to all essential know-how and well recommended guidelines that, from Viral Marketing activity to Social Online level, will make all the difference... FOR YOU !!!

Gradual access to more than 1 TeraByte of VALUABLE contents.
Download Your LEGAL copies and, dependable of Your Membership level, benefit from
Giveaway Licenses and Master Resell Rights Licenses to achieve 100% Profit
or even Private Label Rights Licenses that entitles You as being the Author.

UPGRADED MEMBERSHIP on all 21+ Marketing Systems Partners of OR2.

FAST CLOCKS and PROMOWALLS PROMOTION for high performance Campaigns.
With increased privileges, not only You are allowed to EARN UP to $0.005 per pageview
(deposited on Your CASHOUT % Balance) but also UP to 50% Commissions
 On Referral Purchases + 20% from Your Cashout activity Balance + 5% Commissions
 from the Referrals of Your Referrals (PRO version)) + 10% from extra Gold-Rush Prizes
 (being possible to get a special 100% Commissions Gold-Rush prize).

Innovative NAVIGATION SYSTEM with Personalized Categories Orientation, access to
UNLOCKS all levels from LAYER I, II and III (dependable of the related membership).

Submit Your Sites to Our QUALITY CONTROL process to turn it available on all Our Systems,
automatically and as long as You remain a active or valid Member on our database.

Your very Own DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD, allowing You to simply and effectively promote
all Your Personal/Business contacts just by using one unique web address.
With ALL Your most important Social Network Accounts and Business website.

Integration with OR2 HITS NETWORK and Our CO-OP Traffic System
with capacity of considerably expand each marketing campaign.
PAID ACCESS to EXTRA ADVERTISING in conformity with Your membership Level,
allowing Your Campaigns to receive HITS from hundreds of other Traffic sources,
even derived from well known and widely used Social Networks through PTC and CPA ads.

EARN 100% PROFIT on ALL PRODUCTS sold to Your Referrals through any OR2's Partner System.
Without the need of downloading or uploading files, comfortably sell valuable Products
through OR2's SALES FUNNEL, being automatically delivered to Your Customers by our unique,
innovative and state-of-the-art SALES FUNNEL system.
ALL PAYMENTS will be 100% deposited directly into Your Own PAYPAL account.

Opportunity of receiving RANDOM REFERRALS on any of our systems.

... and...

(only limited by ethical, unsupported or pertinent best practices principles)

Branding Hosting Plan

Control Panel cPANEL (with Tutorials and Instructions)
UNLIMITED Web Storage Capacity
UNLIMITED Bandwith data Transfer
Include 1 Shared-Domain at Your choice

Support Unlimited Sub-Domains and Aliases
(available paid option to Exclusive Domains)
support 10 Domains and 10 Mobile Sites
50 MySQL Databases
More than 200 Built-In Web Applications
(Blogs, Wordpress, CRM, eLearning, Stores, Forums, etc...)
50 Mailboxes / Unlimited Usernames
and FTP Accounts for remote file transfer

Gradually, it will be supplied proper access to directions and relevant resources
that, on a Video, eBook or Web content format, will try to guide on the
process of creating, implementing or improving Your Own Online Business Website.


Exclusive web platform (based on the famous WordPress usability)
Includes a modern and very professional Website
based on a NICHE that OR2's Support will install
A complete BLOG and 3 PRODUCTS at choice (PRO version)
configured with PAYPAL address for 100% Profits
Simple to operate, by editing pages or adding new posts

(only on the PRO version)

Get a useful DESKTOP CONSOLE as another exclusive benefit, allowing to manage
ready made SPLASH & GIFT PAGES directly from Your Computer.
Easily editable to personalize in conformity with any kind of marketing campaigns.


Finally, as part of OR2 CLOUD SAAS (Software-As-A-Service),
every month or so, OR2 will provide useful valuable web resources and 'tools' for each
Own Web Hosting Account, remaining available for OWN EXCLUSIVE use.

Taking advantage of the valuable WEB HOSTING ACCOUNT that is offered
within the available YOUR H Solutions, besides the capacity of storing any offered content
(except videos), You can
just by benefiting from each related LICENSE, allowing You to RESELL specific Packs
as well as
EARNING 100% PROFIT from each sold copy.
Everything directly from Your Web Hosting Account, where you can publish hundreds
 or even thousands of product's sales pages properly setup with
your own Paypal payments processor (or any other).

(recommended values - exclusively available by Official OR2's Distributors & Affiliates)/span>

CLICK HERE for more Information

CLICK HERE for more Information

CLICK HERE for more Information

Evidently, subscribing to any of the YOUR H SOLUTIONS entitle You to benefit from each AVAILABLE advantages, benefits
and special offers while GRABBING easy REFERRALS and innevitable PROFIT with an higher percentage of COMMISSION.

Anyway, no matter what and at any time, each YOUR H solution allows You to UPGRADE for an higher level.

(To subscribe, or for reselling, contact any of the Official OR2's Distributors & Affiliates)


... Final note from the Author ...

You might think that so much is offered for a ridiculous monthly payment, yet, all contents must be
gradually available, requiring a considerable use of our systems in way of taking full benefit from
what is included on each available membership.
Effectively, contrary to the utilization of conventional browsers, more important than turning available
an authentique plethora of educational contents is the need of having serious people using a kind
of web browser based on-the-cloud, which can only result on improving related consumerism levels
and, therefore, to provide a liable environment for a saner online business activity.
Achieving innevitably a WIN-WIN marketing relationship.

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